Are your moving services limited to the Tampa Bay area?

We cover the entire state of Florida. Send us a message to know if your location is included among our vast coverage areas. We will respond swiftly to the inquiry.


Is J & R Moving a broker?

J & R Moving is not a broker. Every move is done under J & R Moving authority by drivers and staff who meet our stringent procedures and requirements. We do not buy, sell or share your personal information or your move to other companies. All our staff and their equipment have met the rigorous service and quality standards that characterize the J & R Moving first-class service moving delivery.



When is the best time to move?

It is not in our place to set the ‘best time’ for you. To us, whenever you are ready or you feel is right for you, is the best time. There are, however, certain times of the year that are busier for the moving industry than others. The summer months (May – September), for example, and the end of each month are peak periods of heavier demands. Booking a personalized moving service ahead of time is a smart way to get service at your convenience.




How much do you charge for packing and unpacking?

Unlike other moving companies, we do not charge a separate fee for packing and unpacking. It is completely free of charge! 


When should I begin to contact your company about estimates for my upcoming move?

The sooner the notice the better. Five to six weeks prior to your desired move date is ideal. 


What does an in-home estimate mean?

This is a visual survey of your belongings and other items that you plan to move. This estimate is based on a wide variety of factors, including shipment weight and distance to destination. 


On certain occasions, we will do this for homes with 4 bedrooms or more. Please contact the office at 813-400-4248 or to verify availability.


When am I my expected to make payment for my move?

You will be required to pay your moving charges in full after your goods have been unloaded at the destination unless instructed otherwise. 


What are the approved methods of payment for my moving?

You can pay at the time of delivery with cash, money order, traveler’s check, certified check or cashier’s check. You can also charge the cost of your move to your personal credit card. J & R Moving, LLC accepts the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.





Do I have any rights or responsibilities when I move?

Moving companies are required by federal law to provide each customer with a copy of a document that contains ‘Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move’. Ensure that you understand the terms and conditions of the contract, as well as the remedies that are available to you in the event that you encounter any problem. Do let us know if you have further questions. Call us at (813) 400-4248 or send an email to





Are my items safe in my dresser drawers?

If your shipment will not need storage, you may leave your clothing in your dresser drawers. If it does, we strongly recommend that all items in your dresser drawers be packed. We also strongly recommend that your non-clothing items be packed, regardless of your storage needs.


Will my packed boxes be loaded?

Yes, as long as those boxes are deemed safe for transport. Do note that the liability coverage for boxes that you have packed yourself is not the same as those for carrier-packed boxes. Your valuation policy will not cover items damaged inside your self-packed boxes if the boxes themselves arrive at your destination undamaged.

But your valuation policy could be applied to the items inside if the boxes themselves are damaged during transport.


Will you help pack and move my plants?

We only accept plants if the delivery will be within 24 hours or if the shipment is not more than 150 miles. You should also check with federal and state regulations for quarantines or other restrictions if you are moving across state lines. Several states require that transported plants be inspected and declared “pest free.”


What items cannot be packed?

We want all your belongings to arrive at your new location safe and intact. Even if it means not moving certain items. Aerosol cans and hazardous materials are unsafe for transportation on a moving truck. Perishable items and very important personal items are strongly recommended for your personal transport. 


How would you recommend that I move my jewelry and other valuable items?

We strongly recommend that you do not pack or ship your precious metals, fine jewelry, irreplaceable family photos and other smaller items. Important papers (titles, tax forms, bank books, deeds, currency, stock certificates, etc.), prescriptions, medical and dental records, coins, notes or bonds also. Packing and movement of this items should be done by you.


How should I prepare my electrical appliances?

Completely disconnect all major appliances (dryer, freezer, refrigerator, stoves, washer, etc.) before our arrival. You may also contract the disconnection and packing of these appliances to an authorized service firm. Your refrigerators and freezers should also be defrosted, cleaned and dried before our arrival.


For more information, Please contact us for further details (813) 400-4248 or send an email to


Will you move my automobile as well?

Yes, J & R Moving has the capability to transport your automobile. Please contact us for further details.


How will my mirrors and photo frames be protected and packed?

We will use specially designed cartons and wrapping materials to provide maximum protection for your fragile goods.


Are there any protection options for my belongings during transport?

Yes, there are. We have cargo insurance coverage up to $10,000 in damages. If you have anything of higher value you have the option of paying an additional fee to raise the coverage in the event of damage during the move. Please contact us for further details at (813) 400-4248 or send an email to


What should I expect to do on a moving day?

Just relax and leave all of the hard work to us.


How will I know the estimated time of delivery?

The weight of your belongings and the distance of your goods being transported are key factors. We will, however, provide you with an estimated time during which your belongings will be delivered. You will also be contacted prior to delivery.


Please ensure that your destination contact information has been accurately provided.

Can I tip the movers?

Our movers do not require customers to tip them, neither is there any perquisite included in your moving fees.

Although tipping is not part of J & R Moving policy, it is greatly appreciated, especially if you are very impressed with our movers’ excellent service. 


Who do I report to if I find that my belongings were damaged during the move?

Please contact the J & R Moving claims department at (813) 400-4248 or send an email to A professional will be assigned to review the claim and contact you, if necessary, with any further instructions. 







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