5 Reasons To Hire A Professional Moving Company


Moving to another home or location, however the distance can be an expensive endeavor no matter how you try to cut it. You may even attempt to scale back the costs of a move by considering doing it yourself, but it may end up costing you much more than you’d think – or than you’d planned. Here are the reasons why hiring professional movers may be one of the best decisions you’ll make:

- Reduced Likelihood of Injury

Even if you are in great shape moving bulky furniture and appliances can be very difficult and un-safe. Since professional movers are trained to do this on a everyday basis, they already know how to move these items properly to avoid harm and property damage. Movers come prepared with special equipment to help them do their work safely, quickly and efficiently.

- Spend Your Time To Do Other Things On Moving Day

Hiring professional movers are ready to handle the time-consuming task of moving furniture while you take care of important matters; such as making sure the house is prepared for the new owners to move in, your utilities are correctly set up, and for any other last minute preparations.

- Last Minute Heroes

If you are in a position where your move was unplanned or happened much more quickly than you had expected; that you find yourself with little to no time to pack, calling experienced packers and movers really come in handy.

- All Your Precious Cargo Will Be Insured

If any of your items such as your T.V. gets dropped or damaged in a DIY move, then you’re just out of luck, and you’ll have to spend money to replace these items. A moving company on the other hand, will have different insurance options from which you can choose to cover your belongings. Professional movers take a total inventory of your items and are fully responsible for their careful packing and safe delivery.

- You Will End up Saving Money

Many homeowners find out too late that they’ve underestimated many things such as the size of the truck they rented, the types of tools or materials they'll need, the fuel cost for long distance moves and the amount of time required to get the job done right. A good moving company will have all the necessary tools, truck, materials, and men to make your as stress free possible.


Now that you understand the reasons why hiring professional movers may be one of the best decisions you’ll make, you should no longer feel stressed or overwhelmed about the thought of planning a move or helping a friend, loved one or colleague plan theirs. You may also want to consider enlisting the service of a professional moving company such as J&R Moving, LLC at an affordable price. J&R Moving, LLC, has been in the business helping many people just like yourself move for many years. Give us a call now and experience your best move ever!

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